Are you looking for a solid investment with monthly cash flow?  Vault Limo gives you that opportunity. 

Invest directly in Vault limousines

  • 3 units per vehicle
  • $50,000 per unit
  • Buy 1 or more units.

Unit holders receive monthly cash distributions from lease payments

  • 72 month term
  • plus 90% of residual value

Average return 16% to 20% per year

  • Depends on model mix acquired by limousine operators.
  • Investors receive pro rata share of average of all payments received from operators
  • For a complete explanation of the Vault leasing program from an Investors point of view, contact Vault for a detailed presentation.

Risk of lease default mitigated by

  • Insured interest held by Vault Limo on each vehicle
  • Security deposit from operator
  • Capital reserve account maintained by Vault Limo
  • Loss prevention technology

To request more information contact:

Alex King

Phone: 888-224-5740

Fax: 888-224-5740


  1. Vault reserves the right to refuse any investment tendered if the company believes this investment is not suitable for the investor. Generally speaking the investor must meet the definition of an “accredited” investor. Every investor must complete the investor questionnaire.
  2. Investments may be held in escrow for an undetermined period of time until 30 unit investments are committed to produce 10 vehicles.
  3. Consult your financial advisor to determine if the purchase of units in Vault limousines is compatible with your investment objectives or suitable for your retirement account.
  4. Units in Vault limousines do not represent a liquid investment. There is no established secondary market for an investor to sell his or her units.
  5. Distributions to investors are made only from lease payments and residual values. It may take more than 30 days to complete the manufacturing and leasing of a vehicle after a unit purchase is accepted. VMC will keep all investors up-to-date on the manufacturing schedule and backlog of leases as it pertains to their unit purchase.
  6. At this time, Vault will accept a maximum of 375 unit purchases per month.

To become an investor in Vault Units, you must complete the following 3 documents:

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