Sales Wait List with Deposit

First priority wait list.  These customers are paying cash or have arranged their own financing.  Customers who submit their purchase order with a 25% deposit on the down payment go to the next available position on this wait list.  Maximum list length is 125.

Sales Wait List without Deposit

Second priority wait list.  These customers will pay cash or arrange their own financing.  Vault Limo will notify these customers within 30 days of potential order delivery to determine if they want to make a deposit on the down payment to hold their position.  They may decline to make a deposit and stay on the list, but may lose their position.


Lease Wait List

Third priority wait list.  These customers want to lease from Vault Limo. Vault Limo will respond to members of this list when it has the lease financing capital available to extend to limousine operators.


Vault Limo is taking your order now to get on our wait list.  Please review our wait list policy:

  1. Download Excel master form.
  2. Save file to unique file name, e.g.  YourCompany_purchaseOrder.xlsx, or YourCompany_leaseOrder.xlsx.
  3. Email to
  4. Vault Limo will contact you with information about your order.

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